I am very excited to announce the release of my first children's book. Jake the Dragon Saves Christmas! Now available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon!

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About the book:

Jake is a tiny dragon looking for fun. Grandma is busy creating culinary mounds of powdered sugar perfection. What sort of unexpected holiday calamity will befall our adorable duo? Don't forget to look at the back of this book to find one of Grandma's favorite recipes to try with your little dragon.

What's Else?





Katherine Thorell

So what is new? 

I'm very happy to announce I have opened a store! If you enjoy my work and would like to support me and my creations I would greatly appreciate it if you would head on up to the tab in the upper right corner to see my available works for purchase in a variety of products. Thank you for stopping by my site! 


Katherine believes life is just too hard sometimes. Days grind on and beneath the mountain of paperwork, the never-ending responsibilities, or whatever life's obstacle...there needs to be a ray of sunshine. A little island to take you away from all your troubles. Her work is all about building little islands for others. Most (ish) of her work centers around humorous situations played by thespians of fur and fun.